Mirline has very strong credentials!


What does it create solutions for?



•             Cracks your walls constantly,

•             Causes the paint on your walls to fall off,

•             Leads to salt efflorescence

•             Does not come off by wiping.

Plaster and paint fall due to moisture and salt (aesthetic defects in the building) puts you to expense all the time but you can never handle it.   If you want 100% solution, Mirline offers you one.  It removes for good the moisture and salt taking root in your house. Capillary moisture is the situation where water molecules climb through the capillary channels in the construction material. It is observed that capillary moisture can climb up to nine meters depending on the height of the groundwater.   This height corresponds approximately to the third floor in buildings.  Capillary moisture, influenced by negative pressure, can also be defined as the climbing up of the moisture in the soil along the capillary channels in the structure of the construction material.

The moisture climbing up the building reveals its unfavourable aspects first as causing plaster and paint in our building to fall. These visuals give us the opportunity to sense the presence of moisture visually at first.

However, we should note that moisture damages our buildings considerably without being noticed by us until we realize the visually unpleasant appearances.

We regret to say that people most of the time worry about the plaster and paint fall and search for a protection method.  Yet, in reality, these are the least dangerous ones among all.

It is destructions that are not visible to us hiding within the bearings of buildings that we should really care about.


•             It slowly melts the iron (reinforcement) structure of your building.

•             Causes concrete to lose its characteristics,

•             Your building may collapse all of a sudden.

Our buildings are exposed to attraction and twist forces when faced with external factors such as compression forces, earthquake and wind. Compression forces are countered by the concrete, while attraction-twist forces are countered by the iron reinforcement in the concrete.  Moisture climbing up the building leads to corrosion both in concrete and steel parts.  The reason why buildings fall down even without any earthquake is that the concrete providing resistance against compression forces can no longer counter these forces.   In other words, the reason is concrete corrosion.

Zümrüt Apartment Building in Konya is a tragic example for this. 92 people lost their lives and 30 were injured in the incident. On the other hand, iron corrosion was the primary cause of the collapse of hundreds of buildings in Adapazarı.  Here again, the iron was unable to execute its task to counter the attraction-twist forces resulting from the swings in the buildings during the earthquake. Buildings collapsed and hundreds of people lost their lives. Mirline System offers 100% solution to corrosion.

Fungus and Mould are among the main causes of

•             Respiratory tract infections,

•             Various physical symptoms,

•             Allergic diseases.

The best treatment is to eliminate the factors causing the disease. If you care about your health and ask for 100% solution to get rid of mould and infections, Mirline offers you one. It prevents fungus and mould formation for good by removing the moisture in your building.

Radon Gas

•             Is radioactive,

•             Lacks colour and odour,

•             Is found in the soil, a few metres below the surface

It has been found in recent studies that rate of radon gas is significantly high in our country, which lies on an earthquake zone. US Environment Protection Agency states that 20.000 radon gas related cancer cases arise annually. If you want to be protected against this insidious threat 100% and sleep in safety, Mirline provides you that. It eliminates the radon gas in your building.