Step 1:

Analysis and Evaluation

Analysis and evaluation are essential in order to determine properly the problems of your building and to find the most suitable solution.

Mirline team; conducts inspections and examinations on the building and the ground it rises on;  makes measurements regarding the condition of the floor, floor movements and groundwater level, performs X-ray scans on the bearings of the building from basement upwards, determines the amount of corrosion in the reinforcement, application errors, concrete quality and resistance capacity of columns.

It measures the amount of humidity and salt established in the foundation concrete and columns.

It determines the necessary steps to be taken for a healthy and safe living space in the light of this data.

As a result of these analyses and evaluations, the resistance of the building to its subsequent life is determined.

Solution; is to incorporate Mirline System to your life.

Step 2:

Moisture removal Application

Using the source of the problem to solve the problem is the most rational method to remove capillary humidity penetrating into the foundation, columns and walls of a building.

Mirline pushes back for good the humidity and salt molecules out of the building, farther away from the foundation through their original route (without the need to use any construction operation such as plaster or paint) with a completely computerised system.  It prevents the instability in static electricity which causes stress in the building with ~2 Volt energy given to provide initial velocity. Mirline installs in two hours a specially designed computerised system after completing analysis and evaluation operations on the moisture removal system. Protection period now begins.

Mirline moisture removal system is not a construction chemical. It does not entail any construction work, modification or repair or any physical insulation.  Mirline is a computerised system based on the principle of pushing water molecules back to the direction they emanate from, with the help of wave energy.

Mirline moisture removal application restores the original uniformity and strength of your building.

•             The energy it consumes corresponds to an amount less than what a 2-volt mobile phones.

Mirline System;

1) Measures the building-floor relationship, static structure of the building, amount of iron in the reinforced concrete and the relevant diameters and makes assessments as to whether your living space should be inhabited or abandoned.

2) Stops the humidity climbing up on your walls 100% and sends it to its source.

3) Prevents 100% new corrosions on concrete and iron (reinforcement) parts of your building caused by capillary humidity and mineral salts.

4) Removes the radioactive radon gas under the soil which climbs onto your buildings by dissolving in the capillary moisture and eliminates radon gas related cancer risk.

5) Prevents fungus and mould formations, eliminates the environment causing respiratory tract diseases and offers healthy living spaces.

6) Removes the negative electric charges which have adverse affects on your and your buildings health.

7) Eliminates the aesthetically (visually) unappealing look caused by moisture for the entire life of your building.