Mirline Application Flow


Condition of the floor, floor movements and groundwater level are measured. Amount of corrosion in the reinforcement, application errors, concrete quality and resistance capacity of columns are determined.

The present condition of the building is brought to light.

Visuals are recorded in relation to humidity in the building. (Visuals are used for comparison purposes at the improvement stage)

Initial measurements are made at points of concentrated humidity.

A building project is set out or the system is put on paper within the existing project.



An offer is prepared and presented to the customer

Decisions are made concerning the application

A service agreement is signed with the customer

The areas where the system is to be installed are determined together with the landlord

System is installed

Reference humidity values are measured at points of concentrated humidity prior to activation

Photos are taken in order to compare the conditions before- and after the application

The system is activated


Technical information is provided to the customer to ensure the optimum operation of the system.

40th day humidity measurements are performed and retrospective comparison is made. These measurements are conducted after notifying the customer or its agent

A pin code determined by the customer is entered to ensure the sustainability of the system, as part of the trust established between parties.

Subsequent control measurements are implemented and maintenance commitments are fulfilled under the Service Agreement.