The word “mir” has a positive denotation in many world languages, especially those in the east, and refers to goodness, righteousness and perfection. Apart from these nice meanings, the presence of "mir" in the name of Mirmahmutoğulları family, which has 500 year-old traceable history and has always been a refined family following its noble path without getting involved in any disgraceful offense in its history.

The word “line”, on the other hand, refers to a track. Mir means straightness, and line is what separates straightness from ugliness.  Since the inception of the world, those who succeed drawing a line between right and wrong have always been glorified physically and spiritually travelling from mouth to mouth throughout the history. That is why our ancestors said "life is all about drawing the line in the right place".

And from this point of view, we developed this vital technology which is a particular concern to the entire humanity by turning its living space into a healthy and safe home.   We offer mirline to you as your lifeline in the belief that “we need to draw a thick line between right and wrong”.

Mirline - for healthy and safe living spaces.