Mirline.com.tr website belongs to Mir Teknoloji Holding A.Ş.’ye (hereinafter referred to as Mirholding.com.tr) and aims at offering you the necessary medium to spend your time online in the most secure and convenient way possible. “Mirholding.com.tr” trademark is a registered trademark in the name of Dizayn Teknik Plasitk Boru ve Elemanları Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. – a subcompany of Mirholding.com.tr.

Mirholding.com.tr adopts the following principles when collecting and using your personal details:

Submitting/Changing Personal Details to Get Service

Mirline.com.tr website’s users share certain personal details on Mirline.com.tr website to obtain service.  All such information obtained is kept in Mirline.com.tr database only. Users have the opportunity to change their personal details as they surf on Mirline.com.tr web page. Mirholding.com.tr.com. users can edit or change the details they have provided on "USER PROFILE" section accessible from the link given on the main page.  These details can only be changed by the user.

Collection of Other Details Regarding User Profile

Mirline.com.tr collects features such as sections visited or areas clicked by the users as they surf on the website.  These data are only used to determine the rate at which sections and different areas are followed and tracked.  When “cookie" technology is used, determining the path followed to reach a site or the way it is visited, statistical (not applied to specific persons) data is collected to find out the rates at which different areas of a site is clicked or followed. The aim of this technology is to provide easier access to the content of the section visited more frequently by the user or to a content that is estimated to appeal to the user, starting from the date of first visit to the website.

Sharing Your Details

If you are a user of Mirline.com.tr, certain personal details you shared while signing up except in the case of statistical tracking (e.g. age, sex etc.) as well as custom fields such as e-mail address are not shared by Mirholding.com.tr. Mirholding.com.tr shall keep your personal details entirely confidential and shall not share them with third parties or companies for any commerical purposes. All personal details, preferences on the website and all rights such as e-mail etc. acquired by becoming a Mirline.com.tr user are kept confidential in the database of Mirline.com.tr. To this end, MİR HOLDİNG shall show utmost sensitivity.  Mirholding.com.tr has the right to disclose any information on its users only when it is required by the following circumstances:

A) If it has the permission of the user for information sharing,

B) For the purpose of developing user profiles to be used within Mirholding.com.tr and its subcompanies,

C) In order to develop and supply products and services demanded by Mirholding.com.tr and its subcompanies or to eliminate problems problems in connection with the services and tools provided to you.

D) To be used in the supply of products and services to those working (in cooperation) with the user at the time when the related products and services are provided to the user.

E) When required by any court order or legal procedure during legal investigations. If a criminal complaint or official investigation is received from official authorities against the user and/or if any electronic sabotaging or attack is detected which prevents or changes the operation of Mirline.com.tr systems, Mirline.com.tr has the right to notify the identity information of the user to the investigating or legal authorities.

These data is used occasionally to inform the user in subjects, contents, various services and practices which we think the user might be interested in.  However, such an application is used, preserved and provided to you only by Mirholding.com.tr and its subcompanies whether in the case of online activities in Mirline.com.tr web portal or in other online activities linked to Mirline.com.tr such as instant messaging.

Mirholding.com.tr and its subcompanies refuse any responsibility for any damage occurred as a result of your personal details being used within the framework of abovementioned terms.

Whoever utilizes our services shall be deemed to have read and accepted all of these terms. Mirholding.com.tr reserves the right to change the abovementioned statements without giving advance notice.

“Mirline.com.tr We Site” or the “Web Site” shall mean all main and sub web sites.

In case of bankruptcy, receiver appointment or other types of property assignment your contact details shall be assigned to the successor.

Please read the “Web Site Terms of Use” section before using Mirline.com.tr Web Site.