Corporate References;

Mirline was chosen to protect our historical treasures such as Dolmabahçe Palace and Ihlamur Pavillion, buildings belonging to public and private institutions such as İZSU Head Office and Siyami Ersek Hospital as well as Gölcük Navy EKM (Inventory Control Centre) building.


Ihlamur Palace

Dolmabahçe Palace

İZSU Headquarters

Bağcılar Kirazlı District
İzmir Parliamentary Building
Rüstem Pasha Mansion
Siyami Ersek Hospital
Kiptaş Erguvan Site
İ.B.B. Protection, App.
and Control
İ.B.B. City Planning
Gölcük  Naval Commandı

Kocaeli Palace of Justice

Personal References

Mirline is preferred by individual houses aside from public and private institutions. Mirline has gained the trust of and is preferred by households thanks to the protection it provides against moisture, fungus and mould and will be more widespread in the future.


Yeditepe University Vice-Chancellor
Prof. Dr. Nilüfer Eğrican
Borusan Automotive General Manager
Genel Müdürü Tayfun İşeri
Marmara Uni. Mec Eng. Head of Dep.
Prof. Dr. Zafer Gül
Özlem Aygün Villa
İhlas Marmara House Villa
Beykoz Ayazma House
Özgür Deniz Erzincan