Mirline technology and design have been renewed through the R&D efforts undertaken… People usually have to pay gravely for the mistakes made by others.  It is because people cannot eliminate these mistakes and get used to live with them, or because these mistakes have penetrated so deep into their lives that they are doomed to bear the consequences before they even get to take any measure.

The Mirline System detects these mistakes that you are either aware of and you cannot resolve or you are unaware of and is outside of your control.

Mirline Measures Package provides you and your loved ones with a more healthy and safe living space by removing harmful factors such as moisture,salt, fungus, mould, concrete corrosion, (iron) reinforcement corrosion and radon gas out of your building. These harmful elements that most of us know very little or nothing about take root in our buildings and eat into them.  These factors result in an aesthetically unappealing appearance and pose great dangers to our health by causing plasters or paint fall off the wall.  Forinstance, fungus and mould can give rise to allergic reactions, respiratorytract infections, headaches and various physical symptoms; radon gas can cause lung cancer and (iron) reinforcement corrosion can cause buildings to collapse out of the blue due to concrete corrosion just like it was the case in Zümrüt Apartment Building (Konya) upon being shaken a little bit without an earthquake occurring, by penetrating into the columns of our buildings, thinning the reinforcement and thus destroying the adherence of concrete to iron.

In buildings where the Mirline Measures Package is applied;

•                Moisture climbing on your walls is blocked 100% and sent back to where it comes from.

•                New corrosions on the concrete surfaces and reinforcements of your building resulting from mineral salts and moisture are prevented 100%.

•                The radioactive radon gas under the soil which climbs onto your buildings by dissolving in the capillary moisture is removed and the cancer risk arising from the inhalation of this gas is reduced by 100%.

•                Fungus and mould stemming from moisture is prevented and environments which can lead to respiratory diseases are cleaned.

•                Negative electric charges which have adverse affects on your and your buildings health are removed.

•                Aesthetically (visually ) unappealing look caused by moisture is eliminated for the entire life of your building.

Mirline Measures Package has been implemented in many commercial buildings and villas including Dolmabahçe Palace, Ihlamur Pavillion and Turkish Foundation Calligraphy Museum in Turkey.  As a result of such applications, the system has been found to ensure 100% safety in reinforced concrete, wooden and masonry buildings.